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Injury recovery/Rehabilitation

What we do

We work one-on-one with athletes to develop skills that will help them deal with the mental aspects of coming back from an injury. While most rehabilitation programs focus only on the physical side of recovering from an injury, it is also important to work through the psychological and emotional challenges that arise during the process. We help with the psychological side of the rehab sessions as well as preparing for a successful return to sport.


  • Build confidence for rehab and return to play
  • Reduce anxiety about returning to activity
  • Develop relaxation and pain management skills
  • Learn healing and soothing imagery


Working with a consultant during rehabilitation can help athletes be more effective in their physical rehab sessions. We can help athletes keep confidence, focus, and motivation high while they are injured and help them be physically and psychologically prepared to return to competition and surpass their pre-injury level of performance sooner.

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