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The Impact of Facebook on Exercise/Running Behavior

Lead Author, Cindra Kamphoff, Ph.D.

Our research team is just starting this new, innovative study on the impact of Facebook on runners. We will be surveying runners about how posts on Facebook impact their motivation and training behavior.

Boston MarathonResilience in the Aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings

Lead Author, Kelsey Timm

The psychological concept of resilience has been applied to sport in the past, but has yet to be applied specifically to runners. Runners tend to exhibit many qualities that are found in resilient people, including positive emotions, active coping skills, and cognitive flexibility, which they may have developed through their training. This project will look at how runners who participated in the 2013 Boston Marathon used the resilience skills they had developed from their running to overcome the traumatic experience of the bombings in the six months following the event.

mental toughnessCritical Incidents that Lead to the Development of Mental Toughness in NCAA Athletes

Bethany Bachman, Lead Author

Critical incidents are experiences that a person learns from that changes their behavior. Researchers believe that both positive and negative critical incidents are crucial in the development of mental toughness in athletes. However, there is little research on the specific critical incidents athletes’ experience, which contributes to their development of mental toughness. This project examines the critical incidents that led to the development of mental toughness in NCAA athletes.

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