Mental Toughness Training for Running Workshop Series a Success!

We have just concluded the Mental Toughness Training for Running Workshop Series and it was a resounding success!

 Below is a summary of the workshop topics as well as quotes from participants who attended.

The series of 5 Mental Toughness Training for Running Workshops focused on the 5 most common mental roadblocks runners experience based on our research at The Center. These roadblocks include: negative thinking, doubt, setting rigid goals, unfair comparisons to others, and dealing with discomfort and pain.

-September 8th: Mental training is powerful, and our thoughts andemotions should reflect the 3 to 1 ratio: three positive thoughts/emotions to every one negative thought/emotion.

-September 15th: There is a key difference between discomfort and pain. Discomfort can be managed with your mind, and it’s a feeling that runners should welcome and embrace. Pain, on the other hand, leads to injury and is a warning sign. Plan for the discomfort you will feel in the race.

-September 22nd: Dealing with anxiety and nerves on race day and can be a challenge we can overcome. By determining your individual zone of optimal functioning, or the level of energy you need to perform your best, runners can implement strategies to increase or decrease energy to reach your optimal zone.

-October 6th: The topic for the evening was avoiding setting rigid goals and motivation. It is important to set SMART goals: specific, measurable, attainable but aggressive, realistic, and time specific. Apply these guidelines to outcome, performance, and process goals to help you achieve your best performance. Remembering why you run can be a motivational tool you can use during the race.

-October 13th: We must prepare to run our best!  We discussed how to avoid making unfair comparisons to others while running. We created race plans and contingency plans so that the runners were prepared for anything they faced.

We plan to offer the workshop series next fall on Sunday nights leading up to the 2014 Mankato marathon. Our anticipated dates will be the following:

September 14th

September 21st

September 28th

October 5th

October 12th



“The mental toughness training got me out of my slump. After years of running, it provided me with the feelings I had when I first started running years ago. I actually feel younger now when I run.” -Sharon Dexheimer

“Mental Toughness enhances who you are! What I have gained is a power and a belief in myself to accomplish goals and overcome challenges.” -Lauren Cerqueira

“I never understood the huge impact that psychology and frame of mind has on performance. This course has given me the tools to develop my mental toughness in ways I didn’t think possible.” -Cheryl Hagen

“I signed up for this course to talk with other people who love to run. I met those people, and came out a stronger runner in so many ways! Simply wonderful.” -Amy Luethmers

“The Mental Toughness class helped me rediscover my purpose and goals with running or any exercise program.” – CH

“In these workshops I learned that my biggest competitor is my own mind.” -TJ Palesotti

“I feel so powerful now that I have the Mental Toughness tools to use—Life changing!!” -Becky Waskosky

“These sessions were invaluable to me as a new runner preparing for a first “big” race. Knowing that I’m not alone when feeling fear, discomfort, nervousness or excitement about running a new distance actually allows me to embrace those feelings and strive to overcome them. I AM A RUNNER!” -Dr. Nancy Greenwald

 Thank you to all our participants for a great workshop series this year and we look forward to another awesome experience next fall!