1.       What is Mental Training?
Mental training encompasses physical and mental aspects related to peak performance. We base our practices on research and theory which is derived from the field of sport psychology.  Mental skills training offered at The Center increases focus, developing a positive mindset through adversity, enhancing motivation, maintaining composure, and overall increased confidence.

2.       Who are your clients?
We have a variety of clients from diverse backgrounds including athletes, business professionals, performers, and anyone interested in gaining the mental edge.  Our client’s ages vary, ranging from the youth to professional level.

3.       What services do we offer?
We offer a comprehensive set of services including individual consultations, team workshops, and events for the community.  Please visit our Services tab for more information.

4.       I am interested in The Center’s services, but am not located within driving distance to the Mankato community. What should I do?
We offer Skype individual consultations, as well as being flexible with travel options for clients. We often travel to teams within the Southern Minnesota area, and are able to expand our services to communities at a further distance. Please call 507-389-1230 to discuss details.

5.       I’m a parent who is looking for more information, who can I contact?
Please contact The Center at sportandperformance@mnsu.edu, or The Center Director, Cindra Kamphoff , at cindra.kamphoff@mnsu.edu.

6.       As a graduate student, I’m interested in what kinds of experience are available through the Center?
We take pride in the valuable opportunities we offer to graduate students who are seeking applied experience within the field. Graduate students have the opportunity to engage in observation and shadowing with teams, work at The Center as a graduate Mental Skills Coach, and participate in workshops and events, such as the Pyschs on Bikes team.