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My Experience as a Psych on a Bike

psychs on bikes

Kathryn Wallskog shares her experience with the Psychs on Bikes crew at the 2015 Mankato Marathon.

“I had a great experience helping out with the Psychs on Bikes Team at the Mankato Marathon. Right away, I had no idea what to expect since I had no previous experience with Marathon runners. At the beginning of the race, a few classmates and I stood at the starting area and offered encouragement to those preparing to run. After the start, we began biking with the runners and asked them if they wanted a talking buddy to take their mind off running. I had the privilege to speak with several runners. Notably, I talked to one lady who had run two marathons in as many weeks and was going to run an ultra-marathon the following weekend.  We talked about her passion for running and what she loved about the sport. I was amazed by her dedication and commitment to running, and the fact that she could run so much in such little time. I also got to spend several miles talking to a lady who was running because she had the goal of completing a marathon before she turned 40. We had a great conversation, and I found that I strongly related to her personal struggle with body image. We talked for over an hour about life and our experiences. There were a few times that she was struggling, but I did my best to encourage her and help her realize how far she had already come. I found that what she wanted most was somebody to talk to and share her experience with. I saw her at the finish line and congratulated her, and told her that I was happy to be a part of her journey. Overall, I am very glad that I got to be a part of the Mankato Marathon – it was an inspiration to watch so many people accomplish their goals.”

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The 7-Questions You’ll Be Asked After Running Your First Marathon

phil marathonPhil Imholte shares his experience from the 2015 Mankato Marathon.

I ran the 2015 Mankato Marathon just over two weeks ago, and since crossing the finish line, I’ve encountered a common thread of questions by those curious about my marathon experience, as well as those who were surprised I’m still alive. The following identifies the seven most repeated questions, my responses, and a few additional ponderings:

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Healing Through Wilderness

dakota new visionDakota Gillmore shares his experience working as a wilderness instructor.

“Tales from the Chequamegon”…. would be the title of my book if I had either the time or ability to write one. There would be no shortage of material from my whirlwind summer spent tucked away under the old growth forests of the Chequamegon National Forest in Northern Wisconsin. It is here that I would test, and oftentimes exceed the limit of my comfort zone in an effort to provide care to those in need. For 56 (non-consecutive) days and nights, I lived under the stars with a group of typically non-typical teenagers as a wilderness instructor with New Vision Wilderness Therapy. Perhaps surprising to some, it was not the nearly two months of outdoor living that stretched my comfort zone, but rather it was the work that I was doing, and the people that I was doing it with.

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