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Performance Psychology: Elevating the way we speak

Many books show that people are looking for the competitive edge, in public speaking, sports and more. Gustavus Speech Coach, Kris Kracht, noted:

“partnering with Dr. Kamphoff two years ago has really given us that edge. I do a good job with the physical side, but it’s so much mental too. I have some background in it, I do not have the theory that Cindra does. It’s taken the program to a whole new level. As the team says, your number 1 fear is our number 1 strength.”

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Speech Anxiety: #1 Fear in America

Fear-of-Public-Speaking-imageDo you suffer from glossophobia? Well if you do, you’re not alone.

Glossophobia, or speech anxiety, is the fear of public speaking, or speaking in general. Many sources claim that it is the #1 fear in America, even greater than death.

Regardless of your occupation, the ability to communicate effectively is extremely important. Speaking is only one way of communicating, but it is important. So why is it, then, that people have such a fear of public speaking? Are they afraid to make a mistake? Do they have a topic they are passionate about, and they’re afraid a poor speech would turn people off of the topic?

Regardless of the reason, here are ten tips from Toastmasters International, an organization for the purpose of helping members improve communication, public speaking and leadership skills, on how to manage your nervousness.

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