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Motivation Tips for Coaches: Direction and Intensity are Important

motivation for coachesCoaches are always asking how they can motivate their players, and unfortunately, there is never a quick answer. The answer is not how to increase their motivation, but rather to direct it. Technically an athlete is always motivated towards something, whether it is to get extra training in or to eat potato chips and relax, motivation is always there. The better question then, is how as a coach, can you influence the direction and intensity of your athlete?

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Stick with It!

stamp“Consider the postage stamp; its usefulness consists in the ability to stick to one thing until it gets there.” 


This past weekend various sports teams fiercely competed in championship games during the culmination of the winter athletics season. For many athletes, the end of season is a time to shine. It’s go time. Months of effort in practice seem to pale in comparison to the outcome of the championships. Athletes often adopt a “win/lose” mentality – placing high expectations and pressure on the scoreboard for a singular event. When the outcome is not what is expected, sometimes athletes lose motivation in their particular sport.

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Staying motivated in the off-season

motivation in the off seasonIn a 4-year collegiate career, a football player might have approximately 40-50 game days, a swimmer or wrestler might have about 60-70 meet days total, a cross country runner may have 20-30 race days, and a basketball player might have about 120-160 game days.  However, there are 1,460 total days in a typical 4-year collegiate span.

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Humble Heroes

dancing with the starsWhat an amazing night to witness and be apart of in Mankato as the American Red Cross was honored through a whole new platform.


Dr. Cindra Kamphoff along with the other stars with very minimal dance experience went out of their comfort zones to create incredible dance routines with their partners for one very special night. Dr. Kamphoff was given the opportunity to practice what she preaches by overcoming frustrations and mastering new movements in a short period of time. Continue reading

A Drop In The Bucket

red crossLast Friday night The Center’s own Dr. Cindra Kamphoff competed in the American Red Cross fundraiser, Mankato Dancing with the Stars. This community event paired 12 local “celebrities” with 12 professional dancers in an effort to raise money for charity. The dancers vied both for the judges’ scores, as well as the top spot in fundraising efforts to earn the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy.

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