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Five books in 2015

  1. Go Suck a Lemon: Strategies for improving your emotional intelligence- Michael CornwallBook List
  2. Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us- Daniel Pink
  3. Start With Why: How great leaders inspire everyone to take action – Simon Sinek
  4. Mindset: The new psychology of success- Carol Dweck
  5. The Art of Learning: A journey in the pursuit of excellence

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Celebrate Success

SuccessAs we approach the end of 2014, the Center staff would like to encourage you to reflect on your year and celebrate your successes!

As you look back at the year of 2014, you have probably had many small “wins” or achievements that you have just swept under the rug as you focused on the next thing.  Maybe there was something you accomplished, but did not get to celebrate because you were focused on going further and getting better at the next thing.

Take some time to reflect on and write down at least 5 “wins” or victories you have had in 2014 and give yourself a pat on the back for each.  Maybe you can even make some time to reward yourself today.

No win is too small.  Nobody else needs to see your list; it is for your eyes only.  Each item that you list is like lifting weights for your mental game and your confidence. Continue reading

Mental Toughness in Football

Mentally Tough FootballTips to Consistently Be at Your Best

The mental game is what separates the good from the great teams, and the great teams from the national contenders. Implement these 5 tips to improve your consistency in order to master your mental game.


Know Your Ideal Energy Zone  – Football is a high intensity game. Within the game of high intensity, each athlete must find their own unique energy zone. There are individual differences and research suggests that an athlete’s ideal intensity varies by position. A quarterback generally should be calmer than a linebacker, for example. Reviewing your best past games can help you understand your ideal zone. Continue reading

Scarlet Football Ignites in 2014 Season

West FootballThe Mankato West Scarlet football team looked hot this past season – red hot to be exact. With a record of twelve wins, and one loss the Scarlets were hopeful to bring home a MN State Class AAAAA Football Championship. On November 2nd, 2014 the Scarlets battled Simley for the title. This game held special meaning for the team as a fourth state championship in the history of the program hung in the balance.

It was apparent from the first quarter that Simley aggressively would fight the Scarlets for every yard gained on the turf. The teams faced off, going touchdown for touchdown. The score remained tied until Mankato West took advantage of a turnover late in the first half, and created a 21-13 margin.

Head Coach Esch praised the players for their ability to halt Simley from scoring just inches from the goal line in the second quarter.

“That was the key to the game,” Esch said. “We kept the momentum, and it made it tough on them.” Continue reading

3 Steps to Change

gratitude2Change is not always an easy thing, whether it be a major or small thing that you are trying to do differently. Here are three things to keep in mind when working towards a new and improved you.

1. Set a goal. Goal setting works with behavior change as well as athletics! Write down a major goal that you want to achieve, and don’t be afraid to dream big! Goals give us a road map to achieve the things we want. Set a smaller process goal every single day to ensure that you are chipping away at your major outcome goal. Make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Action oriented, Realistic, and Timely. 80% of your focus should be on attaining these daily or process goals, and 20% focus should be on your long-term goals. Continue reading