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Keys to Confidence: Show Up

athlete1You may not be confident in your ability to succeed 100% of the time when you show up to a competition. You cannot control the outcome of any performance, yet one thing is sure. If you don’t show up, you can be confident in the fact that you will fail 100% of the time.

What does it mean to “show up?”

Physically, your body needs to be present. You need to embrace the gym, the field, the library, the study hall – whatever environment which best supports your optimal performance MUST become your new favorite “hang out.” Yet, this is not enough. You need to be 100% mentally LOCKED IN when you perform.

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Keys to Confidence: Body Language

athlete2Confidence is the number one predictor to success prior to competition. Ultimately confidence is always a choice, and it’s up to you to make that choice prior to stepping on the field. This choice may take some courage, but there is one key factor that can facilitate this decision.

Body Language!

Our body language plays a major role in the thoughts that we have. Poor body language = worries, doubts, and poor self-talk. Confident body language = determined, confident, and performance enhancing self-talk! Research shows that powerful body language increases testosterone by 20% and also can reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Act as if you are the thing you want to be. It’s easier to act your way into feeling than to feel your way into acting! If you want to feel confident, act as if you are. If you want to feel courageous, act as if you are. You will be surprised as to how quick the mind will follow the body!

-Jeb Clay

Rely on Your Own Two Wings for Confidence

BirdRely on Your Own 2 Wings for Confidence

“A tired bird was resting on a branch for support. It enjoyed the view from the branch and the safety it offered from dangerous animals. Just as it had become used to that branch and the support and safety that it offered, a strong wind started blowing and the branch started swaying back and forth, with such great intensity, that it seemed that it was going to break.

But the bird was not the least bit worried for it knew 2 important truths:

1. Even without the branch, it was able to fly and remain safe through the power of its own two wings.

2. There are many other branches upon which it can temporarily rest.”

This story tells us a lot about our own self-confidence. We are capable of so much more than we realize in everyday life, and when we can just release our grasp on the ways of the world, then we start to understand just how far we can fly with our own power.

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Your Powerful Mind

powerful mindYour Powerful Mind

Last Sunday I ran my 10th marathon, the Twin Cities Marathon. By most people’s standards, this makes me an experienced marathoner. Yet, each time I have run 26.2 miles, I am fascinated by the mental and physical battle and the direct connections the marathon has to life.

I hope that sharing those experiences in my column will be an inspiration to those running next week at the Mankato Marathon and that it will highlight the power of your mind.

Last weekend, things felt smooth from the beginning of the race. My stride felt good. I was clicking along and enjoying the beautiful fall trees along the route. My thoughts were confident, positive and focused on the process of running each mile—not on my final time or the outcome of the race. Continue reading

Motivation: Adversity and Boredom


Research shows that the best form of motivation is intrinsic, or the feelings that come from inside you rather than any external rewards. In the modern society in which we live winning is everything. This “winning is everything” mentality can kill the intrinsic desires in an athlete when things start to become tough. Conversely, if an athlete does not feel that they are being challenged, boredom can set in, creating a loss of motivation.

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