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What Is Mental Toughness? Part 2

mentallytough2As mentioned in our previous post, we are always striving to make athletes and performers we work with more mentally tough. However, the term mental toughness has far from a simple definition. It is a multi-faceted concept that can be difficult to put into words. As we kick off our new blog, we have asked our graduate consultants to write about what mental toughness means to them, and we will be sharing their explanations here in a series of posts.

“Mental toughness is a set of attributes that enables an individual to remain confident and strong in challenging situations. Mental toughness is having a stable mindset even when pressure is high. It allows people to perform at their best as well as persevere when setbacks occur. Continue reading

What Is Mental Toughness? Part 1

mentaltoughnessPart of our mission at The Center for Sport and Performance Psychology is to make athletes and performers mentally stronger. We often talk about the importance of mental toughness, and how it is not necessarily an innate trait, but a skill that can be developed. The term mental toughness is relatively common, but can be hard to actually define. For our first few posts, we have asked several of our graduate consultants to describe what mental toughness means to them.

“To me, mental toughness means being the best athlete you can both physically and mentally. Mental toughness is not something that everyone naturally has, but it is something that anyone can work to achieve and perfect.  Being mentally tough means that you are able to push through many difficult situations, whether that be in sport or in daily life, and finish with confidence no matter the outcome of the event. The best athletes show mental toughness when they are faced with difficult situations during competition and are able to push through without it affecting their performance. Everyone is capable of becoming mentally tough with the right amount of dedication and training. Your mind can push your body to go further!”
-Brittani McVay Continue reading